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Missing Bali … We miss you too!

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

It is pretty obvious we are all missing travelling at the moment, and to be honest the effects that the lack of tourist is having on the people of Bali is devastating. There are a lot of support groups here trying in many ways to help out especially in the smaller communities and villages. We feel that in some small way we are also supporting the local people here in Bali & Indonesia and your orders are incredibly appreciated in continuing the support.

Tourism is the backbone of Bali, and we are all hoping that the borders will open again very soon, and some form of normality will return – whatever that may be! Some parts of Bali are still very active especially the Canggu area and in Sanur on the weekends the beaches are very busy. But overall, the Island is struggling.

It has been a strange feeling as it has everywhere in the world, missing our friends and family and not being able to have that physical contact – and like everyone – we really miss that. So as much as we see and hear all the posts about people missing Bali, we sure do miss you. The number of friends that would visit each year, that feeling of excitement on news of their arrival, what new restaurant to take them to, what new beach club that has opened. So yes, we have missed you also.

In saying that Bali Shop & Send has been fortunate enough to be super busy as we know a lot of people would travel to Bali each year for their homeware shop up or to order that stunning new artwork or check out the amazing Rattan furniture that is being produced here. There is nothing like that feeling of scouring a market, finding that secret shop or that one off piece and imagining how it will look in your home. The upside is we are here. Having lived on the Island for nearly 10 years and being able to freely move throughout Indonesia we are your eyes and legs on the ground. We personally inspect all items that our clients purchase to ensure they are up to our high standards and then oversee the packing and shipping of each container that leaves our shores.

We know that the borders will open one day, life will return to as it should or will be, and that we will be able to recommend the next best newly opened venue to all our friends. In the meantime, rest assured we will and can do whatever is possible to assist you in sourcing your favourite Bali pieces. We thank you as do the local people of Bali for your continued support.

This photo is of our amazing guide Putu. He took us to the waterfalls last Sunday with my beautiful little boy Jack, how cute is he! Just supporting Putu on a one day trip would easily feed his family for a week.

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