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Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Getting what you expect & what you pay for!

At Bali Shop and Send we understand how important quality control is for all our customer orders. It is imperative that when you order items unseen or online that you get what you have ordered. Believe us, we have seen some horror stories from incorrect measurements to wrong colour materials and in some cases, the items look nothing like what the customer had ordered.

So how do you ensure that you are going to get what you ordered and PAID for?

Firstly, you need to be dealing with a reputable on-site supplier or agent. You also need to be very mindful that when you order an item that you have supplied that suppler or agent the correct dimensions. Obviously, not everyone can produce a 3D drawing of the item, but any images are extremely helpful.

At Bali Shop and Send we are your eyes and legs here in Indonesia. We regularly travel throughout Indonesia to our homewares and furniture manufacturers to meet with them and inspect their facilities and their on-ground quality control. We are also present when the items are wrapped and ready to ship so every piece is inspected and checked against our manifest to ensure the items meet our high standards and that your item will arrive to you as per your order. We can also video the inspection process for our clients again reassuring them of the accuracy of their order.

We are constantly sourcing amazing suppliers for rattan & teak furniture and an array of homewares. For many of our customers, they miss the opportunity to visit Bali for a working holiday to source items so knowing that they can rely on a couple of fellow Australians that have lived on the Island for the past 9 years it is very reassuring that their orders are in safe hands.

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