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Love Thy Neighbour

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

As close to 50% of the Australian population head into another lockdown, Bali is in restricted lockdowns, which have been in place for close on a month now, and mandatory masks have been in place since the beginning of this epidemic. The impact on local families has been devastating yet the Balinese resilience & support of each other demonstrates what amazing people they are. Bali is just managing to survive by the generosity of the amazing people on the Island.

There are many ex-pat & local support groups constantly doing what they can be it from financial assistance to preparing meals and donations.

A little cafe in Sanur which bravely opened bang smack in the middle of this epidemic has publicly put their hand up to do what they can, by distributing free meals for anyone that comes to the cafe. We thought this feel-good story was worth sharing, this is direct from their Facebook page.

Free Food for Our Neighbours

Hi folks, it's Lia from Over the Moon Bali cafe.

Just a quick update, we have been giving over 6000 free food packages to our neighbours in Sanur and Denpasar, in the last two weeks. Some friends in Bali & Jakarta, and some of you here joined the action. It has been such a heart-warming experience for all of us at Over the Moon. Thank you

But we are continuing our free food sharing for at least one more week, possibly longer. And we hope a few thousand more packages will be given to the people in need.

Complying with the new rules, our cafe will only have limited seats during the extended PPKM, but we do hope to see you there

Stay safe. We miss you.

At Bali Shop & Send we do what we can by financially supporting a couple of charities.

Let's help Bali started as what was meant to be a once-a-week meal drive. They have now registered as a foundation in Indonesia and helping people in need daily with food, medical, and general living expenses

Bali Children Foundation - Starting in 2002, BCF has worked one village at a time to help a total of 76 villages. After identifying a village with disadvantaged families, their local staff members work together with the village leaders to introduce families to BCF and the opportunities their scholarships and curriculum provide.

The Bali Tribe has been fundraising for Bali for the past 18 months when covid first started. They show open bank statements every week. They are focused on the homeless, oldies, mentally and physically disabled people, orphans, and those not in the tourism industry receiving outside help. They are providing over 1,400 hot meals a week plus sponsorships of many families with sembako food packs each week.

We must also say a huge thank you to all our customers who perhaps unknowingly are supporting the workers and their families by ordering items from our own incredible suppliers and on our online store.

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