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I can see the LIGHT - The Rattan Light!


Rattan and wicker lighting fixtures are so popular right now, and the trend is here to stay. Natural materials bring a classic, coastal vibe to any space, and using one or a cluster is a great way to incorporate them into your home.

The beautiful woven technique used to create Rattan designs makes it ideal for lighting. The strength and lightness of the material allows for void-filling proportions and the gaps between the weaves allows plenty of light to escape – keeping the airy feel of a room intact. These spaces also mean the light bulb is visible through the material, making Rattan shades perfect for the unique forms of bulbs to shine through.

Using this natural woven material in modern designs offers a texture and richness that can suit all sorts of styles. With all their connotations of summer, Rattan shades work beautifully in conservatories and patios that are flooded with natural light. But Rattan is no longer confined to outdoor living. It is popping up in striking interiors all over the house – from kitchen island clusters to statement bedroom features.

Whether you are looking to refresh a bedroom, bathroom, or living room with updated lighting, you cannot go wrong with Rattan lighting. Check out our range

or if you have any images of lights, you have seen please send them to us so we can get you a quote.

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