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A Tale of 2 Cities - Actually 2 Countries

Big news here at Bali Shop and Send for all those who weren't aware, we now have 2 x homes.

Ok, let me explain. Bali Shop & Send originated in Bali and we operated out of this amazing Island for some time. Don't panic, we still do. We still have our amazing team in Bali led by Brett - who oversees all the operational aspects in Bali & throughout Indonesia, but I have returned home to Australia. It was always on the cards that eventually we would relocate back to the beautiful Barossa Valley where we have our gorgeous country home, but there were a few impending issues. The BIG one was the final paperwork for our 2 x gorgeous adopted Indonesian sons, now 6 & 8. If you have ever dealt with any legal issue outside of Australia, you may understand some of the challenges. Bali will always hold a very special place in all our families' hearts and let me tell you - Bali hasn't seen the last of us, we still have our home in Bali so never say never!

But from an operational point of view, it actually also made a lot of sense. We have the team in Indonesia and now I have my team in Australia to ensure the arrival and distribution of our customer's orders in Australia is seamless.

2 x more to add to the clan! I already have 4 x Adult children - but how could I resist. Both these angels have been with me since they were a few weeks old. It's been a wonderful journey so far & now for some western education - Lookout Australia!

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